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joytoy 9

think you deserve 9 slender inches of vibrating anal pleasure? then the joytoy 9" is the ideal sex toy for you. long enough to please anal adventurers, yet tapered and slender enough not to scare away beginners. with a soft jelly construction and 5 levels of vibrating intensity, it’s enough to make derriere devotees of us all!!!
Special price: $34.95

juli ashton anal beginners kit

adult mega-babe juli ashton brings you her favourite range of goodies designed especially for anal loveplay. kit includes small, medium and large gentle butt-plugs, an ultra-soft, flexible anal vibrator and a bottle of doc's anal lube. everything you need for your first anal ass-capade.
Special price: $64.95

kobe tai anal adventure kit

the ultimate kit for serious lovers of anal eroticism. contains a 6" anal vibrator with two sleeves, two buttplugs and jelly anal beads. what more could you ask for?
Special price: $94.95

live and raw anal chain – grey steel

this seriously macho anal chain features a strand of soft and flexible sensafirm spheres with a metal handle for extra control and comes with a fabulous bonus offer! you get a one month all access pass to for only 99 cents! honestly, this is one of the best looking toys and certainly one of the best deals we’ve seen in a long while.
Special price: $44.95


these cute and colourful luvbuds are made from hygienically superior silicone, making them extremely easy to clean and super safe to use. the soft, textured plug is covered in excitment nubs for extra stimulation and the sturdy suction cup base allows you to enjoy these anywhere, anytime!
Special price: $24.95

amsterdammer dildo

in honour of the city of brotherly lust, the amsterdammer is a hefty dong designed to keep you up all night. the velvety smooth, dual-layered sensafirm shaft has a gently tapered shape and flanged base and to deliver the ultimate in anal eroticism!
Special price: $54.95

anal exciters

powerful, 17cm (6.5in) slimline vibe combined with two uniquely shaped sleeves for a range of anal sensations that will have you bringing the house down with noisy pleasure!
Special price: $39.95

anal invader with dick cage

for those who like their anal play with a bit of a fetish twist - the anal invader with dick cage is just the thing. experience the total experience of restraint and stimulation, slip into the rubber dick cage and feel the surge from your balls to your shaft, then lube up the 11 cm (4.5in) ridged, curved vibrating anal plug for erotic excitment like no other. what a team!

ballistix slide it

doc johnson’s ballistix slide it plug comes in a lush, translucent blue and is made from a soft, smooth latex that facilitates easy insertion. the ribs and contours of the “slide it” provide sensational stimulation of the prostate. the soft latex material is flexible enough to maneuver just right so that you can feel every rib for maximum sensation.
Special price: $29.95

bendy sex bubble

soft but firm, these sex bubbles are a fantasy come true! made from silagel, the new miracle formula that’s rubber free, anti-bacterial, non-toxic and raspberry scented, these cute bubbles are ideal for first time anal play but can also be used for vaginal play. buy them all!
Special price: $24.95